Treehouse of Hope

I enjoy hiking, woodworking and playing music. But more importantly, I have dedicated one day of every week as a service day to give back to people, places, organizations and causes that I support. I am actively involved in my community, but since my wife, Bridget, passed away, I have a new desire to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. I want to involve Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky (O.A.K.), the Kentucky partner of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, by building a Treehouse of Hope in a spectacular tree to inspire families who have been touched by ovarian cancer and to help raise national awareness of the disease and its early warning signs.

This Treehouse of Hope would make a profound difference in the lives of others. We would be building a special place of healing for families affected by ovarian cancer. This treehouse will provide the experience that only a magical treehouse can give to ovarian cancer survivors not just in Kentucky but from all across the country.

Treehouse of Hope

My wife was only 57 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and died at age 59. The prognosis for ovarian cancer is much better if early warning signs are caught. We didn’t know what to look for. In December 2013, when my wife was diagnosed “all clear” and we purchased a 60-acre nature sanctuary, we both knew that we had found the perfect property and the perfect tree meant for a one-of-a-kind, ultimate treehouse. Bridget died before we could make that dream come true.

If this Treehouse of Hope becomes a reality, it would be a living, ongoing gift of hope and encouragement, born of the spirit of hope, love and generosity that Bridget lived every day of her life. You can read her own inspiring words of hope on her WordPress blog. It would make me incredibly happy to turn a dream of hope into a reality of giving hope, and in some small way, to make a difference in the lives of families touched by ovarian cancer. Families could come and spend quality time in nature, in rustic elegance, and find healing peace. While Bridget was not ultimately cured of cancer, we were both healed by saving grace for which I remain deeply grateful. I want to share that healing grace with others through this Treehouse of Hope.


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