Going Out On A Limb

I’m not the type of person to enter contests, but this particular contest is something special. I was checking up on a favorite television show that my wife and I used to watch together, Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet, and I saw that they were running this contest to find the perfect tree on the perfect property to build an ultimate treehouse. Well, I think I’ve found that tree and I decided to “go out on a limb” and enter the contest! Here’s my video entry and my story for why I want to bring this ultimate treehouse to life.

My wife was only 57 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and died at age 59. The prognosis for ovarian cancer is much better if early warning signs are caught. Before Bridget passed, we loved watching Treehouse Masters together and fantasizing about what kind of ultimate treehouse we would build. In December 2013, when my wife was diagnosed “all clear” and we purchased this 60-acre sanctuary, we both knew that we had found the perfect property and the perfect tree meant for a one-of-a-kind, ultimate treehouse. Bridget died before we could make that dream come true.

If this Treehouse of Hope becomes a reality, it would be a living, ongoing gift of hope and encouragement, born of the spirit of hope, love and generosity that Bridget lived every day of her life. It would make me incredibly happy to turn a dream of hope into a reality of giving hope, and in some small way, to make a difference in the lives of families touched by ovarian cancer. Families could come and spend quality time in nature, in rustic elegance, and find healing peace. I want to share my wife’s strength and courage through this treehouse with survivors of ovarian cancer by providing them a place of solace from their hardships and respite from their difficult treatments. I want to provide them a place of hope.

The television show producers are selecting and announcing three semifinalists for the contest on January 16 and then opening it up for online voting. Stay tuned and check out the official contest page to see the semifinalists selected and to cast your vote! Online voting runs from January 16-25.

Let’s build a Treehouse of Hope!

2 thoughts on “Going Out On A Limb

  1. Greg,
    What a touching video and story. Bridget was a very special person, and I can see her smile in spirit behind the Treehouse of Hope. I’m looking forward to seeing this vision progress and being a part of helping it become a reality!


  2. Thanks for your willing support. This idea is definitely beginning to sprout! It not a question of “IF” it will happen, it’s just a question of “When?” I’m looking forward to how it reveals itself.


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